Sassy Pedicurist: What is this, ‘a blog?’

Sassy Pedicurist on blogging…

Me: “I started a blog.”
Sassy: “What is this, ‘a blog?'”
Me: “It’s like…a website. On the internet. Where I write stuff for people to read.”
Sassy: “What is this stuff?”
Me: “I don’t know, just stuff that happens in my life…observations…stories. Actually, sometimes I write about you.”
Sassy: “This sound like wasting time. You meet husband on this blog?”
Me: “It’s not a waste of time, because I enjoy doing it. And no, this is not a husband-meeting blog.”
Sassy: “I see no point, but is good if you enjoy it.”
Me: “Right. Well. That IS the point. I DO enjoy it.”
Sassy: “Maybe you make husband-meeting blog also.”
Me: “I’m not sure that’s even a thing.”
Sassy: “You can write blog about lady painting your feet, but no blog for meeting husband?”
Me: “I don’t WANT to write a blog about husband-meeting!”
Sassy: “Always with the excuse.”

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