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Thanks Necessary

As we’re about to start a tutoring session…

Parent: “We have big news for you– [Kid] improved so much on his report card!”

Kid: “Yeah, I did! My math grades are sooooo much better!”

Me: “That’s amazing!”

Parent (to kid): “And isn’t there someone (nods head towards me) you want to thank for helping you achieve that?”

Kid (Pauses. Looks confused. Then…): “Oh, oh! Duh!”

Me: “Aw, no thanks necess—”

Kid: “God!”


Just to Clarify

Jeremy gave a fantastic speech at our rehearsal dinner, which ended with the “real” story of why Eric proposed. It was a nod to Mom’s famous “I’m counting to 3 or so help me god” routine (which he had mentioned earlier in the speech). Excerpt here:

Screen Shot 2017-06-27 at 9.27.20 AM.png

It seems, however, that some people thought this is actually how things went down. Which is truly a testament to how absolutely absurd a human being people believe me to be.

Which is fantastic.


We Did It! 

As requested, a couple shots for the blog readers who aren’t able to access the 293649283937 photos posted by friends on Facebook and Instagram (which we love, guys, so thank you!)

More stories to follow in the coming months, but in sum….it was NOT everything I expected— it was 10 thousand times more than anything I ever could have imagined for myself. Thank you to everyone who was a part of it and helped make it the incredible, love-filled, laughter-packed weekend it was. Including the best, most joyful dancer in town, my…husband! 😳