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Looking For a New Pediatric Dentist

Dentist: “Wow, Nora, your teeth look beautiful! You’ve been brushing twice a day, correct?”

Nora: “Yes and I don’t have to lie anymore because I ACTUALLY DO brush them twice a day every day now!”

Dentist: “Well that’s great! But Nora, if you weren’t brushing your teeth before, you didn’t have to lie to me.”

Nora: “Mom said I did.”

His Optimism is His Most Endearing Quality

Eric has made the argument that because we have invested in fixing MY beauty concern (getting Invisalign to straighten my teeth), we should also be investing in HIS beauty concern. I’m not so sure of the equivalence.

Today I sent him a video of the progress my teeth are projected to make over a 16 week period.





Teaching Advice

Do NOT try to reprimand your misbehaving class while there is (unbeknownst to you) a huge chunk of chocolate stuck to your front tooth.

They will not take you seriously. Neither will your co-teacher.

No, really– your co-teacher and 27 nine-year-olds will laugh at you for 10 solid minutes, and you will lose all credibility.

But then, luckily, you’ll remember that you never truly had credibility.

And that will make you feel better.

Until 10 seconds later, when you realize how sad that is.

Just swallow your chocolate, ok?