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I Will Be Proud

When my future children ask me what I did in this moment of our nation’s history, when our president openly defended white supremacy, and likened the morals and actions of neo-nazis to the morals and actions of those standing up for equality, I will be proud to say I publicly denounced it.

I will be proud to say I donated to the ACLU.

I will be embarrassed to say that I knew that wasn’t enough, but I didn’t know what to do next; that my disgust, outrage, anxiety, and yes– privileged white guilt– momentarily crippled me.

But I will be proud to say I swallowed that paralysis, and that I turned to you, to my peers, to my elders, to my community, and to my soul to ask the question “What else can I do?” and I trusted that together we would find ways to make positive change.

I will be proud to say that when my student asked me if I heard what the president said, instead of replying, “I cannot talk politics with you,” I recognized this was not politics at all, and said, “Yes. And I disagree with it wholeheartedly, and I think that we as wiser, kinder, more humane people have a responsibility to speak out for equality, and against racism, at every turn.”

I will be proud to say that I knew, if nothing else, not to stay silent.

I will be proud to say that I continued to search for answers, even though I felt a deep sense of hopelessness and despair.

I will be proud to say that I did something, even if that something was small.

I will be proud to say that I knew doing nothing was not an option.

What will you be proud to say?


If Sean Spicer’s next career move isn’t to create a brand of seasonings called “Sean’s Spices: Making Everything Taste Like Bullshit,” then that is a fucking TRAGIC missed opportunity if ever I saw one.



Met friends for dinner last night…

Friend: “Hey! It’s the newlyweds!”

Me: “Are we still newlyweds? When does that end?”

Friend: “I’d say it ends when you stop posting about the wedding every day on the blog.”

Oh…so. Never. 


Tutoring 2nd grade boy in the public library….

Kid: “So now you have a husband?”

Me: “Correct.”

Kid: “Before he was your husband, were you guys dating?”

Me: “Yes, we were.”

Kid: <Dramatically puts head in hands, pulls at his hair, and makes extremely loud, prolonged barfing sound.  Entire library stares.>

Me: “I know. I completely agree.”



You’re Not?

We are in Potomac this weekend and, in an attempt to gain major son-in-law points (leaving Andrew in the dust), and because he’s just a ridiculously thoughtful guy, Eric searched far and wide for the perfect retirement gift for my dad. Unbeknownst to me, he contacted my dad’s wine guy in California, found him the perfect bottle, and had it shipped to the house today. He topped it off with a thoughtful card congratulating him on his retirement, and wishing him luck as he embarks on this new journey in life.

Dad (opens card): “I’m not retiring.”