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His Optimism is His Most Endearing Quality

Eric has made the argument that because we have invested in fixing MY beauty concern (getting Invisalign to straighten my teeth), we should also be investing in HIS beauty concern. I’m not so sure of the equivalence.

Today I sent him a video of the progress my teeth are projected to make over a 16 week period.





I Trust Her Implicitly

I found a dentist who can do my Invisalign treatment at a (comparatively) super-cheap cost. My dentist friend warned me that if it’s that cheap, I should beware of the dentist’s skill and credentials. But this woman seems great!

Dentist: “So, lucky for you, it seems you will only need 15 weeks of treatment!”

Me: “Oh, that’s perfect! No time at all!”

Dentist: “Exactly! You’ll be done in…” (counts silently in her head) “…6 months!”