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Mom Friend

A few weeks ago I made a new mom friend in my baby music class. She had a baby girl 2 months ago, but attends the class with her 6-month-old boy. If you’re counting on your fingers right now and seeing how that math doesn’t add up (as I did, in front of her), it’s because her first baby was born via surrogate, and then, while the surrogate was pregnant, she got pregnant.

Me: “Oh my god, so you have a 6 month old and a 2 month old AT THE SAME TIME?! That must be soooo hard!!!”

Mom: “It’s actually been a dream. I’ve never been happier.”

So that was the end of that.

It was nice having met her.

I Don’t Know How to Make Friends

I meet a girl in the lobby who is also a new mom in the building. She has a 10-month-old son and when she finds out I’m around in the mornings and on Fridays, she asks for my number so we can get together with our kids. We exchange numbers and begin commiserating.

Girl: “Isn’t being a mom like a million times better than being pregnant?”

Me: “Oh my god YES. I say that all the time! I was a MISERABLE pregnant person.”

Girl: “Me TOO! The worst! I was SO tired the entire 9 months.”

Me: “Yup. And achy and short of breath…

Girl: “Yes!”

Me: “And couldn’t sleep, totally nauseated, so irritable…”

Girl: “Oh my god YES. SO irritable…”

Me: “Hot flashes…”

Girl: “ALL the time!”

Me: “And like the bedwetting– what’s THAT about?!”

Girl: “Yes, totall– wait what?”

Me: “Oh. I wet the bed once…”


She hasn’t called.