Small Talk is Hard

A few months ago a girl moved into my building– young, a teacher, seemingly normal and cool. Someone I would actually hang out with. We spoke in the lobby for a bit, exchanged apartment numbers, and said we’d see each other soon. I haven’t run into her since– until just now, in the elevator.

Girl: “Hey! How have you been?!”

Me: “Not much!”

And then our friendship ended.


6 thoughts on “Small Talk is Hard

  1. That sounds a lot like the time last summer when I thought a nice, young person was moving into the apartment next to me. Turns out I was wrong, very wrong. Instead, I have a constant slew of loud foreign workers, who work at some new factory in the middle of nowhere somewhere in my city. It was a grave disappointment. The neighbors on the other side who just moved in sound interesting, as I hear their conversations through the bathroom wall. Sometimes I want to join in on their conversations, but I’m sure that would make me look like a total creeper. Meeting new people is awkward and difficult. Making friends as an adult is not easy at all.


    1. Totally– as for joining your neighbors conversations…I was once singing “Wind Beneath My Wings” while in the bathroom getting ready for work. I sang “Did I ever tell you you’re my hero?” and the man who lives above me sang back “You’re everything, everything, I wish I could be.” Because he could hear me through the vents. Apparently.

      Wonder what else he’s heard :-/

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  2. I know that feeling! Generally happens to me at work though – I meet some great person in a training seminar, we exchange business cards, and never speak again. I don’t think that’s how networking is supposed to work.


    1. Yes, happens all the time! I just wish I could at least master the part where someone asks you a simple question such as “How have you been?” and you give an answer that makes any kind of sense whatsoever.

      But no. I’m not there yet.


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