No One Cares

I get into the elevator and an elderly couple is having an intense discussion that immediately makes me uncomfortable and internally defensive of the nice old lady…

Lady: “Well I’m telling you, I sat down with her the other day and I could just tell she was upset. She’s feeling very left out.”
Man: “No she’s not.”
Lady: “Who are you to say that? You don’t know how she’s feeling!”
Man: “Who cares how she’s feeling?!”

(At this point I want to jump in and kick the guy for being so insensitive. Clearly this woman has deep concern for someone’s emotions, and he’s blowing it off. Typical male.)

Lady: “Excuse me. But I care! care how she feels!”
Man: “Ok, fine. You care. No one else cares.”
Lady: “How can you say that? How can you say that no one cares about her feelings?”
Man: “Because she’s a fucking CAT, Irma!”


Ok yeah.

She’s a fucking cat, Irma.


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