Ohhhh, ok. I’m supposed to say “Great!”

Friend: “How’s wedding planning going?”

Me: “Honestly, I feel guilty saying this, and I hear how annoying this sounds as it’s coming out of my mouth, because I know how lucky I am to have found Eric, and I know all of this is such a blessing and every step is supposed to be so exciting, but it’s just a lot of decision making about things I don’t normally even think about– and you know me, I get anxious pretty easily, particularly when I have to make decisions about stuff I know nothing about, and I’m having lots of different opinions thrown at me, and there are already emotions flying from various people– so, it’s just getting super overwhelming, you know?”


Friend : “Yeah. But like, overwhelming in a GOOD way, right?”

Me: “Oh my god, yes! Yes, of COURSE yes.”


That’s not what I said at all. 

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