Birthday Truths

Every year I am so delighted to see that my best friends still understand these 5 truths:

1. I hate the phone.

2. This obviously still applies on my birthday.

3. You better call me on my birthday.

4. I will not pick up.

5. But I will notice.

Let it be written.

If you have people in your life who understand and play by these completely absurd rules without being told, you are one lucky bitch.

Feeling super grateful as I enter this 36th year– amazing husband who swooped in to do emergency Boog babysitting duty because he knew I needed one last childless bday morning in a massage chair, a bun in the oven that I get to cook without actually having to learn how to cook, the whole family in for Bibby’s famous (passed down recipe, we’ll see how Mom did) matzoh ball soup, a fabulous, bell-pepper sized excuse not to have to go bread-free this Passover, calls/texts/messages from dear friends near and far– no wine, but all the love and allllllllllllllll the cake, both with and without flour (for real. We have 3 cakes. One cooked by Eric and The Boog that might or might not contain actual boogs, depending on how well Eric was supervising).

Happy Passover/Easter, friends! Love to all! Xoxoxo

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