Glad We Cleared That Up

(Walking past a restaurant in our neighborhood)

Eric: “I took you on a date here.”

Me: “Yes. Our 3rd date. We ate a big plate of cheese.”

Eric: “Right.”

Me: “And we sat outside and some guy you kind of knew walked by and you actually stopped him to say hello and chat and I was like ‘Oh man, this guy is WAY too friendly for me, this will never work.'”

Eric (somewhat offended): “So you were going to rule me out because I was friendly?!”

Me: “No, I wasn’t going to rule you out! I thought you’d rule ME out– I thought, like, ‘Oh, this guy is way friendlier than I am. He’s going to think I’m a total bitch.'”

Eric: “Oh.”


Eric: “Yeah. I did.”


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