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A friend of mine just started training/fundraising for her first race. She knows that I’ve had some experience in this realm, so she asked for some fundraising tips, and I told her that she needs to abuse┬ásocial media and post about all her accomplishments/hard work while she fundraises. Her response….

Ummm yeah. I just ran longer than any human should ever run, and I’m PROUD of that (even if my knees, stomach, and hips hate me). Because that is AWESOME. There are not many areas of my life that I feel are brag-worthy, so I’m picking this one. And raising some money for some good causes while I’m at it. And that’s ok!

Now go, find that thing you’re proud of and brag away. Maybe also consider giving back as you brag. It’s ok to be proud of yourselves, people!

Just, you know. Don’t go overboard.

No one is proud of you for having a cat.