The Roots’ #1 Fan 

At an all-day music festival yesterday…

Me: “Oh The Roots are here! Do you think they’ll play ‘Send Me On My Way?!'”

Eric (frequent concert-goer and knower of music): “The Roots do NOT sing that song.”

Me: “Yes they do! <singing> I would like to reach out my hand…”

Eric: “No. Stop it. That’s not The Roots. That’s a completely different band.”

Me (feeing cool because I know something about music that he doesn’t): “I am like 100% SURE I’m right about this. The Roots sing that song.”

Eric: “You know who The Roots are right? They’re on…”

Me: “Jimmy Fallon! I know.”

Eric: “And you think they sing Send Me On My Way?”

Me: “Yes.”

They do not. That’s Rusted Root. 

And I am never again allowed to speak at concerts. 

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