My Generation is Doing Just Fine

There is a guy in my building, about age 60, who loves to make fun of me for always typing/swiping on my phone in the elevator. Every time he sees me, he makes it a point to comment on how iPhones are the downfall of society. Just ran into him again while bringing my laundry down….

Him: “Still on that phone, huh?”

Me: “Yup.”

Him: “Let me ask you something– where do you get your news?”

Me: “Twitter.”

Him: “See this is what’s wrong with young people today. You get your news on TWITTER.”

Me: “I was kidding. Relax.”

Him: “Good. For a minute there, I thought our future was doomed. Getting news from TWITTER?!”

Me: “Yeah, no worries. Just a joke.”

I get it from Facebook.

Too many words on Twitter. Not enough photos.

I prefer my news next to a picture of a bunny nuzzling a raccoon.


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