Today in school we gave a practice state exam. I took the kids with special needs to a separate, less distracting location to take their tests. 

Kid: “Miss Emily, is it true that all the smart kids take their test in the classroom, and all the dumb kids go to a different room with you?”

Me: “What!? NO. Absolutely not. Taking your test in a different room has NOTHING to do with your intelligence. You are all VERY smart. Everyone needs different things in order to do their best work and be able to focus, that’s all.”

Kid: “Are you sure it’s not because we’re dumb?”

Me: “I promise. In fact, used to have testing accommodations when I was a kid. Do you think I’m smart?!”

Kid: (no answer) 

Me: “Hello?”

Kid: “Oh, yes– of course, you’re very smart! Sorry, I just spaced out for a second.”

Aaaaand that’s why you’re in here. 


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