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When I won tickets to last night’s Adele concert at Radio City Music Hall via a congratulatory email, I was certain it had to be fake. I never win ANYTHING. The email said I had 8 hours to respond with a copy of my ID and a signed affidavit. I simply didn’t trust it.

“How do I know this is real? What if it’s ISIS?!” I asked Eric in a panic.

“You’re insane.” He replied. “The email is from Columbia Records. You entered through Adele’s website. It’s real.”

“But…but…how do you know for sure?!”

The email provided a number to call should I have any questions about the contest, so Eric suggested I call it. “But what would I even say to find out if it’s real?!” I said.

Exasperated, he took matters into his own hands and dialed the number himself. It rang once and someone picked up.

Person: “Columbia Records.”
Eric: “Hi, is this real?”
Person: “Yes.”
Eric: “Ok bye.”

Eric (to me): “It’s real.”

(It was real, though).