Really? ANYONE?

Me: “I’m running a marathon in Philadelphia this weekend!”
Kid: “Wow, really? I saw some of the New York marathon from my window, it was awesome!”
Me: “Yeah, it’s pretty amazing, huh? 26.2 miles!”
Kid: “Yeah. That’s what thought! But my mom says that as long as you do the training right, really anyone can run a marathon.”
Me: “Your mom is a smart lady!”

She can go fuck herself, though.


One thought on “Really? ANYONE?

  1. Anyone? Uh, not really. I bet the kid’s Mom does his homework for him and is probably named Keirsten. Have fun in Philadelphia. I’ll be there too because as we know with the right training anyone can run a marathon. Let’s meet up so we can punch that woman in the throat together.


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