Thanks For Your Help

It’s particularly hard to find the Starbucks iced Via packets during the winter season (I like to chug them for an energy boost before my morning runs….don’t ask), so I went out of my way to venture into a different Starbucks today, hopeful that they might have some.

Me: “Hi! Do you guys have any iced Via packets in stock?”

Barista: “Ugh, no I’m sorry. We’re all out.”

Me: “Ok. Figured I’d try! The iced Via packs are very hard to find in the winter!”

Barista: “Oh oh oh WAIT– you want the ICED ones?!”

Me (excited): “Yes!!!”

Barista: “I didn’t realize you said iced.”

Me: “Oh, sorry, maybe I forgot to say it– yes, iced!”

Barista: “Yeah we definitely don’t have those.”



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