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Shhhh, Hush Now 

A couple days ago, there was a tornado here in Glen Arbor, Michigan, where I am vacationing at a family friend’s lake house. When the tornado hit, I hid in a basement nook with 4 other adults and 2 young children. Then the following conversation ensued between me and a 5-year-old….

Kid (completely calm): “Um excuse me?”

Me: “Yes, hun?”

Kid: “What is happening?”

Me: “Oh. Well. There is a big storm outside, so we are just huddling here to stay safe. Everything is ok, though. As long as we’re down here we are ok.”

Kid: “Is it a tornado?”

Me: “I think it might be, yes.”

Kid: “Then that means the sky turned green.”

Me: “Hmmm. I don’t think so, kiddo. Pretty sure the sky turns grey.”

Kid: “No. It turns green. Green for a tornado.”

Me: “Ok, shhh. Quiet now, little one. You’re scared and not making sense.”

So after speaking to witnesses, it turns out skies 100% do turn green in a tornado. Who knew?!

Like, besides that 5 year old. 

Yeah I’m an idiot.