No One Ever Taught Me How to Prepare For a Disaster

Just now, at the wine store….

Cashier (who is clearly my best friend): “Ah, there you are, Emily! I was wondering when you’d be coming by to stock up for the blizzard!”
Me: “Hah, I got here as soon as I could– had to hit the grocery store first!”
Cashier (eyeing my huge grocery bag): “You get some crackers? Bread? Chips?”
Me: “No…”
Cashier: “Canned goods?”
Me: “Oh. No. Didn’t think of that.”
Cashier: “Bottles of water? Batteries?”
Me: “No…”
Cashier: “So what IS in that bag?”
Me: “Sixteen rolls of toilet paper. And a wedge of brie.”



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