How Embarrassing for THAT Person

Just ran into my Super outside the compactor room, which is next to the laundry room.

Super: “Emily, you did laundry yesterday, yes?”

Me: “Yes!”

Super: “There were some things left in one of the dryers. I put them on the counter in there, you might want to check if they’re yours.”

Me: “Oh, ok, great! Thank you! They probably ARE mine, that sounds like something I would do.”

I enter the laundry room, and sitting on the counter is a SUPER tiny black lace thong and a pair of ridiculously worn-out cotton underwear that clearly should have been thrown away years ago.

Me (yelling): “Oh my gosh– no, no, no! These are definitely NOT mine!”

Super (laughing): “Oh, ok.”

Me: “I swear! I can be forgetful, but I’d never leave items like THAT lying around!”

Super: “Ok. Somebody else then!”

Me: “How embarrassing for THAT person!”

They are 100% mine.



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