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Before Coffee

Eric accuses me of being less than pleasant in the morning before coffee. This is valid. However, this morning is a perfect example of what I deal with every day.

Eric (after using my blow dryer to warm himself post-shower, setting it down on the top of the toilet, and it crashing to the floor, knocking down my makeup bag): “Hey, you know what?”

Me (frantically getting dressed and trying not to be late, after having squeezed in a 5-mile pre-work training run): “What?”

Eric: “Besides monkeys, humans are the only animals that have butts.”

Me: (no response. For obvious reasons.)

Eric: “Like…think about it.”

Me: (looking at clock, realizing I’m down to the wire)

Eric: “Four legged animals just have their legs, and then a buttHOLE. But no BUTT.”

Me: “Uh huh…”

Eric: “And like–”

Me: “K bye! Love you!” (Leave)

So in context, I think we can all agree I’m doing what I need to do to survive.