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Today, Junior

During a whole-group lesson about personification, writing a poem with the kids. 

Us: “How can we personify the sound leaves make in the breeze?”

Kid (raises hand): <makes loud breathing noise> 

Us: “Ok, but how might we say that in words?”

Kid: <makes breathing sound again> 

Us: “Ok, but we are writing a poem, so we need WORDS.”

Kid: “Ok, hold on.”

Us: “WORDS.”

(Long Pause. Entire class waits.)

Kid: <makes breathing noise again>

Last Time I Help That Kid

Today the kids are practicing using similes in poetry. 

Kid (writing a poem about fish): “Scaly like…hmmmm….Miss Emily, can you please help me?”

Me: “How about ‘scaly like an old lady’s hands’…”

Kid (looks at my hands): “But your hands aren’t scaly.”

Me: “I’m not an old lady!”

Kid: “Oh.”

Get the fuck out of my classroom. 

Boys to Men

Nothing was more rewarding, adorable, awkward, or terrifying than 28 fourth graders working together to write this poem about love. For the record, a boy chose the topic “love” and a boy chose the metaphor “butterflies.”


So what happens to the male brain between ages 10 and the age they create their first dating profile that completely erases these sentiments?

I’m just saying. 

Notice no one chose the metaphor ” balloon knot.”

Fine Line 

As part of our poetry writing unit, we introduced the kids to limerick poems. 

Kid: “I’m not sure I like limerick poems as much as I like other kinds of poetry.”

Me: “Ok, well I like your honesty. And I’m actually impressed that you have such a strong literary opinion.”

Kid: “Yeah, I mean limerick poems are fun to write, I guess, but I really prefer to have more of a challenge.”

Ok, nope. Now you’re annoying.