Showing No Signs of Bridezilla Status Over Here

Mom: “Well, we never took an official family photo this year so I guess we aren’t going to send a holiday card, which means I’m not going to write the annual family newsletter.”

Me: “WHAT?! ARE YOU KIDDING ME? Oh, this is SO classic. Every year I don’t want you to write the letter because nothing new is ever happening in MY life. I sound so boring every time. It’s always ‘Zack got a new job! Zack moved to New York! Steph got married! Steph had a baby! Jeremy….’ well, whatever. You get what I’m saying. And then the year I get engaged you’re NOT GOING TO WRITE A  NEWSLETTER? When I FINALLY have some news?! This is so unfair and so not surprising at all.”

Mom: “I was kidding. Of course I’m writing a letter.”


Yeah I know I was kidding too.


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