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April Fools Doesn’t Mean What You Think It Means

While tutoring…

Me: “Ok, so let’s look at the homework I gave you last week.”
Kid: “I didn’t do the homework.” (then, before I even have time to react) “April Fools!”
Me: “Very cute. You got me!”
Kid: (cracking up at herself. Literally slapping knee.)
Me: “Ok…so…the homework?”
Kid: “I didn’t do it…”
Me: “You already played this April Fools joke. Remember? Three seconds ago?”
Kid: “Yeah but this time I’m not joking.”
Me: “Ok…so the first time you weren’t joking either…because you actually didn’t do the homework….”

Kid: “Yeah, but I still tricked you.”

Oh god. No amount of tutoring can help you.