Sassy Pedicurist: If This Man Smart

(Part of the Sassy Pedicurist series 141-nail-polish)

It’s been a while since I’ve seen Sassy Pedicurist, as she has been traveling. But don’t you worry, she’s back and more opinionated than ever…

Sassy: “You see a man now?”
Me: “Nope. Still single.”
Sassy: “What happen to man who make you smile in the text?” (referring to the guy in This Is Husband)
Me: “I told you– we’re friends.”
Sassy: “You see this man a lot?”
Me: “Not much lately, actually. We’re in touch, but he’s going through some tough times so hasn’t been feeling very social.”
Sassy: “If this man smart, he know that tough time is better with woman by his side.”
Me: “It’s not like that. He has some stuff he needs to sort through on his own.”
Sassy: “You know good time to sort alone? When you dead. What this man need is to wake up and see woman in front of him.”
Me: “Ok, I’ll be sure to let him know that.”
Sassy: “No– you not SAY this to him.” (shakes head in exasperated disapproval)
Me: “Well, excuse me. Clearly I don’t know the rules.”
Sassy: “Yes. This is very very clear.”

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