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Sassy Pedicurist: This is Good Decision

(Part of the Sassy Pedicurist series)


Just popped into the nail place…

Me: “Hi there! Do you have time to give me a quick eyebrow wax?”
Sassy: “Not now. You come back in one hour.”
Me: “Eek, I can’t. I’m going out tonight, and have to leave kind of soon.”
Sassy: “You have date tonight?”
Me: “Yes…”
Sassy (staring at my eyebrows): “Wax is good decision. I do you now. Come.”
Me: “Thank you!”
Sassy: “Yes. Good eyebrow important for date.”

(long pause)

Sassy: “We do bikini too.”

Dating App PSA

Dear All Men Everywhere,

It is really REALLY super creepy when the main profile photo on your dating app is a picture of yourself as a young boy. Do you think we like this? I’m so confused. This is the only photo we see in that first instant when we decide if we’re swiping right or left– are you TRYING to attract a woman who looks at a picture of a 5 year old boy and says “Ooooh, tell me MORE!”?

If that IS who you’re looking for, maybe try looking somewhere else.

Like jail.

That’s where pedophiles are. In jail.

Now stop being a creepster. The world has enough problems.



That Moment After a First Date When You Realize He Only Said “Let’s Do This Again” To Be Polite


Except instead of a home-cooked meal on the table, it’s take-out chinese on the table. And instead of two glasses on the table, it’s one glass on the table. But it’s not really a glass on the table, it’s a solo cup filled with wine on the table. And it’s not a table.  It’s a foot stool.

This is New York, guys.