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They Noticed

So yesterday this happened and I was just kind of hoping the students forgot about it (as I like to think kids do when something extremely uncomfortable occurs). I convinced myself that the moment was much more awkward and memorable for me than it was for them, and that they probably didn’t even notice.

Yeah, well. They did.

Today we started writing an end-of-year school newspaper. Here’s what one kid is contributing to the Comics section (work still in progress). I’ve translated the kid’s writing in pink, in case you can’t read it.


So I think the moral here is, even 10-year-olds notice when you act like an awkward buffoon.

This is sure to do wonders for my social anxiety.

Last Night’s Date, Part 2

So, remember THIS prankster? Turns out pranking is a habit. A bad habit.

He texted this OUT OF NOWHERE.


I’m all for being pranked but…perhaps some context? Relevance?

Also humor. Humor is key to a prank.

So many missing elements here.

This cannot, by any societal standards, even be considered a prank.

This is just saying words that aren’t true.

People who say lots of words that aren’t true are called liars.

You’re a liar.

I hate you.

(We have a second date this weekend)