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Last Night’s Date, Part 3

Even though I didn’t love his completely random and unnecessary virgin comment, I try to be open minded and was still totally willing to go on another date tonight, as our first date was decent. 

Looks like someone got a little insecure. Maybe his ego will feel better now that he knows HE blew ME off. 

For the love of God, where are the normal mature men? WHERE?!?

This first text comes the morning after said virgin prank. (Which, again. We can all agree was hilarious. 😒) 


 I’m going to go ahead and assume he really IS a virgin. 

Last Night’s Date, Part 2

So, remember THIS prankster? Turns out pranking is a habit. A bad habit.

He texted this OUT OF NOWHERE.


I’m all for being pranked but…perhaps some context? Relevance?

Also humor. Humor is key to a prank.

So many missing elements here.

This cannot, by any societal standards, even be considered a prank.

This is just saying words that aren’t true.

People who say lots of words that aren’t true are called liars.

You’re a liar.

I hate you.

(We have a second date this weekend)