Holiday Hypocrisy: A Teacher’s Dilemma

Me (correcting a kid’s work): “20 divided by 2 is 40? So you’re telling me that if I split these 20 cubes into 2 equal groups, I’d have 40 in each group? Does that make sense? Is it logical?”

Kid: “No.”

Me: “Exactly. So it can’t be true. Remember, you ALWAYS have to ask yourself does this make sense? Is it logical?

(moments later)

Kid: “Santa is real, right?”

Me: “Of course…”




One thought on “Holiday Hypocrisy: A Teacher’s Dilemma

  1. well if you split each of the 20 cubes you would have 40 but i guess not in 2 groups but doesn’t really matter as long as reindeer can fly 🙂


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