The Computer Prompt, With Tea

Me: (explaining a math problem)

Kid: “Ooooh, so I get it! It’s like the computer prompt, with tea.”

Me: “I’m sorry….what?”

Kid: “You know. Like…the computer prompt WITH TEA.”

Me: “Yeah I don’t understand what’s happening. Can you explain?”

Kid: “You don’t know about the computer prompt with tea? My teacher taught me! Like, you know…if 2 + 3= 5, then 3 + 2 = 5, because it’s the computer prompt…with tea.”

Me: “Oh my gosh– the COMMUTATIVE PROPERTY?!”

Kid: “Yeah that’s what I said. COMPUTER….PROMPT…..WITH…..TEA!”

Me: “You’re actually saying something completely different, but you have the concept so I don’t even care.”

Kid: “It sounds exactly the same to me!”

Me: “Alright well….agree to disagree?”

Kid: “Ok.”

Me: “We will get back to this though. I’m not going to let you become an adult who mispronounces this.”

Kid: “What does ‘mispropounces’ mean?”

Me: “Forget it. Back to numbers. Language is obviously not working out for us today.”

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