Kids These Days

I hand my tutoring kid a small Halloween treat…

Kid: “Oh, thank you so much! But my mother does not allow me to have candy. Should I return it to you so that another child can enjoy it, or would you like me to donate it to the nearest shelter?”


I find this 20 times more disturbing than if she had snatched it out of my hand and shoved it down her pie-hole without a thank you.

1 thought on “Kids These Days

  1. I hope you are kidding. I seriously hope you are kidding. Either that or I truly WAS the original Bad Mom. On Halloween, I let my kids eat their way through the day with candy–and pizza for dinner. The day after Halloween I demanded my children hand all their PayDay bars over. To me so I could eat them. On Easter I allowed my kids to eat the entire contents of their Easter Baskets if they wanted to and Christmas–well, it is still a feast in our home.
    And guess what? All three of my kids grew up into healthy adults.
    I blame the parent for that poor child’s odd behavior!


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