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The airline announces that they will now board all people with disabilities…

Me: “Does your diabetes count as a disability for travel?”

Eric: “Ummm no.”

Me: “Well, it should.

Eric: “Does your mental illness count as a disability for travel?”

Me: “No. But you have a meter and insulin to prove your disability. I have nothing to prove mine.”

Eric: “They could spend 15 minutes with you.”

Hindsight is 20/20

Being a Special Education teacher is a great profession for me because, given that I have ADD and anxiety, and given how that affected my own school experience, I can totally relate to how these kids are feeling, and can therefore be super patient and supportive. 

….is what I thought when I got into this profession. 

What actually happened is that I signed up to work in a hot, dirty classroom full of 30 kids who represent everything I hate about myself. 

This is less a recipe for patience than it is a recipe for pulling my hair out strand by srand, finding the nearest table, crawling under it, and rocking back and forth in the fetal postion. 

Good intentions, though.