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Clear Eyes, Full Heart….Impressive Dedication to a Lie

Last night, over a glass of wine…

“So I have to confess something. I had never seen Friday Night Lights until I met you.”

— guy I’ve been dating for 2 months, who, ever since we met, has pretended to be a long-time fan of the show because he has the same first and last name as my favorite character and I was SO excited about it (admittedly WAYYYY TOO excited. He really had no choice but to lie).

Our first text convo:


He has spent the past 2 months secretly watching the entire series for the first time. Just finished it last night.

Now THAT’s clear eyes and a full heart.

Or just absurd.

Either way….can’t lose.

Clear Eyes, Full Heart, I’ll Probably Still Lose

I have a first date tonight (FRIDAY night) with a guy who has the same name as my favorite Friday Night Lights character.

So the question is, should I go out and purchase a Dillon Panthers jersey for the occasion?

Jk guys. I’m not that far gone.

I’m going to wear one of the two I already own.