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But I Pay You to Be an Infallible Robot

Me: “I did what you suggested, but I think it made me feel worse.”
Therapist: “Ok, well. That is information.”
Me: img_1179-7
Therapist: “I apologize if it made you feel worse. Sometimes my advice is wrong.”
Me: “What?”
Therapist: “I make mistakes.”
Me: “WHAT?!”
Therapist: “I am only human.”
Me: “YOU ARE?!”

Sorry, Kid

Kid: “My mom is a psychologist.”
Me: “I know! That’s a really important job.”
Kid: “Yeah. But it’s annoying sometimes.”
Me: “Why is that?”
Kid: “Because, like, her patients always need her. Like last night we were playing together and then one of her patients called and she had to listen to her for like TWO HOURS while she went on and on and on about her feelings. And I’m just like ‘who is this person who has to talk about her feelings THIS much?!'”

It was probably me.