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Not Every Idea Is a Good Idea

Kid: “I have a really good idea for when I’m older. It’s going to change the world.”

Me: “Great. I hope you acknowledge me, your supportive and inspiring 4th grade teacher, when you do it!”

Kid: “I definitely will.”

Me: “So am I allowed to know the idea? Just so I can prepare for fame.”

Kid: “Yeah. So you know how subway cars are always killing rats that live in the subway?”

Me (already regretting any involvement in this): “Yeah…”

Kid: “Well, I’m going to start a program that will protect the subway rats.”

Me: “May I ask why you feel the subway rats need protection?”

Kid: “Like, why should they have to die? They’re innocent! They can be protected and domesticated. Kept as pets, even! Everyone in NYC could have a pet rat! We could save them ALL!”

I take it back. Don’t you dare mention me.

In fact, we never met.


Boca Raton vs. NYC: A Runner’s Perspective

On my daily morning run here in sunny Boca Raton, Florida, I couldn’t hep but compare the contrasting aspects of my exercise routine down here vs. in NYC. Let’s look at these three categories:

1. Wildlife (aka Running Buddies) running buddies

2. Road blocks: Sometimes on a run, things block your path…..


3. Scenery as you leave your home and begin your run

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