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I was only supposed to be in Florida through this morning, but because of a flight cancellation, my trip is now extended through tomorrow. My gracious hosts weren’t planning on having me here for today, and they had to go into work. They were VERY concerned about what I was going to do for lunch, which was sweet, but come on guys, I’m 32 years old, I’m pretty sure I know how to fix myself a meal.


To be clear, the apple is decorative.

Boca Raton vs. NYC: A Runner’s Perspective

On my daily morning run here in sunny Boca Raton, Florida, I couldn’t hep but compare the contrasting aspects of my exercise routine down here vs. in NYC. Let’s look at these three categories:

1. Wildlife (aka Running Buddies) running buddies

2. Road blocks: Sometimes on a run, things block your path…..


3. Scenery as you leave your home and begin your run

new scorsese

Tell Me More About Your Problems Digesting Dairy

As I listen to these old ladies next to me at the pool in Boca discuss plastic surgery (“You should SEE her nose now, she went from ogre to belle of the ball”), early bedtimes (“Irving can’t even stay up past the evening news, forget the late show!”) and 5:00 dinner reservations (“I wanted to do 6:00 but Estelle said too late, she’ll get indigestion”), I can’t help but shake my head in dismay.

At the fact that I don’t live here. This is my mothership.