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Literally The One Thing

Therapist: “I’m starting to notice this about you– you tend to start things from a place of assumed failure. You approach new things, even new conversations, or small tasks, as something you’re going to screw up. And immediately starting from this assumption puts you in a space of feeling defensive, like you constantly have to prove yourself. And that’s why it’s so hard for you to get started with things. And, quite frankly, why you’re so exhausted.”

Me: <stunned silence>

Therapist: “Big ‘Aha!’ moment for you?”

Me: “It took you 7 years to notice this about me?!”

It’s literally the one thing I was born knowing about myself


Getting the Job Done

Yesterday around noon, I developed a somewhat debilitating headache. The pain was so bad that I considered canceling my after-school tutoring sessions. But, despite the fact that I was squeezing my head between my hands and barely able to move my neck, I thought to myself, “Just make it through this, and you’ll have $300 cash in your pocket.”

And then I thought, “Oh god, this is exactly what hookers say to themselves.” And that was extremely unsettling.

Because come on, Emily– if hookers can do it, surely so can you!