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Therapist: “How are the sensory issues this week?”

Me: “I did what you told me and got new bras– and they definitely fit WAY better! It made me realize how old and stretched out my other ones were. But I still can’t WAIT to take them off.”

Therapist: “Ok, well then you probably do have a bit of a natural sensitivity to it, regardless of the fit.”

Me: “So I got new bras for nothing?”

Therapist: “Well I wouldn’t say it was for nothing.”

Me: “But the sensory problem isn’t fixed.”

Therapist: “Ok, but…you should still have new bras.”

Me: “Right.”

Therapist: “That fit you.”

Me: “Yeah.”

Therapist: “And that aren’t 10 years old.”

Me: “Ok.”

Therapist: “Just as a general rule, you should replace your undergarments every once in a while.”



Me: “Can depression and anxiety cause sensory issues? I just feel like I’m SO sensitive to the feel of certain clothing on my body.”

Therapist: “Sensory issues can definitely be comorbid with anxiety. But give me an example.”

Me: “Like, for instance– bras. I can’t STAND wearing a bra. I feel like I’m always tugging at it and feeling suffocated and honestly, sometimes I just take it off in the middle of the day because I can’t stand it anymore. And I feel like it’s not normal to be THIS sensitive to it, and it must be related to my mental health issues, right? Or a side effect of the Prozac? Or maybe it’s a whole other disorder I didn’t even know I had?”

Therapist: “When was the last time you bought a bra?”

Me: “Ummm…” <thinking hard. A good 30 seconds pass>

Therapist: “Yeah. Your bras don’t fit.”

Me: “You think?”

Therapist: “Yes. Go buy new bras.”

Me: “Oh. Ok.”