Here are some conversations my marathon medal elicited from the children at school today:


Kid: “What’s that for?”
Me: “I ran a marathon!”
Kid: “Did you win?”
Me: “Yes.”
Kid: “Really?!”
Me: “Yes.”


Kid: “Did you win the Nobel Prize!?”
Me: “Yes.”


Kid: “Is that a necklace?”
Me: “Yes.”


Kid: “Did you know you have a bell stuck to your neck?”
Me: “Yes.”


Kid: “Did you know your necklace has a crack on the bell part?”
Me: “Yes.”


Every single other kid in the school besides the 5 above: < Stare at medal. Stare at my face. Say nothing. Go about their day. >


Coworker: “Did any kids even congratulate you today?”
Me: “No.”


Conclusion: In general, kids, unlike adults, don’t give a fuck don’t know how to PRETEND to give a fuck that you ran a marathon.

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