ARE we safer at Cha’s Cha’s House?

We’re quarantining here at my parents’ house, having decided it was best to escape the dangers and claustrophobia of Corona-ridden NYC. We’ve finally gotten Nora to the point where she can toddle around here and not kill herself on the huge iron-rimmed coffee table, multiple stairs, and stacked shelves of glass.

Then my mom gave her a huge box of miscellaneous toys to play with. Nora was super excited when she dug through the legos and found these:


“Mama I eat it? Yes?”




1 thought on “ARE we safer at Cha’s Cha’s House?

  1. I found your blog while searching on info about ptosis in children as my grandson has it but has not yet had surgery. I read your entire blog in 2 days, like it was a novel. Having a daughter your age and living in the DC suburbs I feel like you are describing what my children must talk about behind my back! We need you to keep blogging and bring back Ebola mom. And more news of ChaCha. And I will be living with twin toddlers at my daughter’s house during this pandemic as she has a broken leg and her wife works at a hospital so must be at work. I’ll need all your insights and humor to get through this.


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