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It’s Important to be Realistic About These Things

Prompted by a storyline on a TV show, my friends and I found ourselves having the following discussion: If, god forbid, something should happen to one of our parents, would we be supportive of the other parent entering the dating world? Pretty much all of my friends agreed that they would be extremely uncomfortable and they were not sure they could be supportive.

But I think that’s pretty naive and close-minded. I’m much more realistic about these things.

In the sense that I don’t have to think about it, because my mom and dad are going to die at the same time. On the same day I do. I’ll be 90 years old and they’ll be 126, and we’ll all go peacefully in our sleep, holding hands.


I’m Going to Die Alone: A Male vs. Female Response

Sometimes I get the old, “I’m going to die all alone” blues. Nothing dire or overly dramatic. Really.

They usually happen on Sunday. So, like….today.

I texted a female friend with this concern, and her response:


Then a male friend:


I’m not gonna lie– the male friend snapped me out of it.