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He’s Not Wrong

“Well, yeah. She’s a girl. You think they’re all ready to go and then at the last minute they’re like ‘OH WAIT, ONE MORE THING!’ and then EVERYONE IS SCREWED.”

— Eric, reacting to the news that despite being in the correct position all pregnancy, our baby has decided, in the home stretch, to flip to breech.


When Eric Tries to Teach Me Technology

Me: “The Roku isn’t working.”
Eric: “What’s wrong with it?”
Me: “I don’t know, but when I press the ‘TV Input’ button, it doesn’t even go to the Roku channel.”
Eric: “Ok, so…if it’s skipping over that Input channel, what would logic tell you?”
Me: <blank stare>
Eric (speaking slowly): “What might that say about the INPUT WIRE for the Roku…?”
Me: <blanker stare>
Eric: “I’ll fix it.”
Me: “Thanks babe!”

Maybe next time we skip the lesson.


Things We Know!

Lately, during my outdoor runs, I’ve been seeing a lot of these shirts:


And obviously I’m a fan, as I am a supporter of any display of racial pride that doesn’t come from a white person.

But I’m just a little confused– is there an underlying assumption here that society doesn’t already know that black girls run?

You win EVERY MARATHON and EVERY OLYMPIC TRACK EVENT. We know you run. You run very, very fast.

Regardless, this seems to be an extremely popular brand, so if it’s lucrative to create a brand stating things we all know about certain demographics, then consider this shit trademarked:


white girlsmen


old people

I’m Going to Die Alone: A Male vs. Female Response

Sometimes I get the old, “I’m going to die all alone” blues. Nothing dire or overly dramatic. Really.

They usually happen on Sunday. So, like….today.

I texted a female friend with this concern, and her response:


Then a male friend:


I’m not gonna lie– the male friend snapped me out of it.