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When Eric Tries to Teach Me Technology

Me: “The Roku isn’t working.”
Eric: “What’s wrong with it?”
Me: “I don’t know, but when I press the ‘TV Input’ button, it doesn’t even go to the Roku channel.”
Eric: “Ok, so…if it’s skipping over that Input channel, what would logic tell you?”
Me: <blank stare>
Eric (speaking slowly): “What might that say about the INPUT WIRE for the Roku…?”
Me: <blanker stare>
Eric: “I’ll fix it.”
Me: “Thanks babe!”

Maybe next time we skip the lesson.


I Require a Different Department

I had an issue with my computer so I called tech support.

Tech Support (after asking a series of basic questions): “And do you use your iCloud?”

Me: “I think so?”

Tech Support: “You’re not sure?”

Me: “Well…it’s just. What is the cloud? Like, really?

Tech Support: “Ok I’m going to transfer you to a another department. You have an entirely different problem than the one you reported.”

Me: “Is it that I’m an idiot? Is that the entirely different problem?”

(long pause)

Teach Support: “No comment, ma’am. Please hold.”



How To Feel Young

Get some slightly older siblings who don’t understand technology.

Andrew (only 5 months older than me, aka MY AGE, by the way) repeatedly insists, “I don’t do apps. Everything an app does I can do on the internet.”


He also claims  “I don’t know how to use a flash drive because they didn’t exist when I was in college,” but that’s just him lying, which is a topic for another post.

Unfortunately, this attitude has married my sister, who at least understands that she doesn’t understand anything, but isn’t exactly determined to learn.

The result is this.





I promise you they will not.