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I’ve been accused of being moody, but I really don’t think it’s too much to ask that everyone stay out of my damn way when I’m PMSing, when it’s Sunday night, when it’s all day Monday, or when it’s winter. The second half of autumn and any high-allergy spring is a risky time as well. Best to stay out of my damn way then, too.

I am absolutely delightful on June 29th.




When PMS and Monday Collide

Goddamnit, crossing guard– what the hell is the point of living in NYC if I can’t jaywalk?!? This is like, the ONE point you had over LA.

And what the fuck is this weather?!?!? Foggy with a chance of murder?

Are you SERIOUS, door? You want me to PULL you open? Who has time for this shit?!

Why is everything working against me today?!?!?!