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I’m Still Learning How to do This Paleo Thing Correctly

Literally as I am licking almond butter off a spoon, I read this paleo lifestyle tip online: “Be reasonable about the way you eat your paleo foods. The point is to get back to our roots. There is nothing natural about licking a glob of almond butter off a spoon.”


Ok, point taken.

So I shoved my fist in the jar and licked it off that instead.


Responsible Choices

Kid: “I’m really tired.”

Me: “Did you eat breakfast?”

Kid: “Yeah I had a donut.”

Me: “Well I’m not sure that was the most responsible choice, now was it?”

Last night I ate delivery-ordered mozzerella sticks that for some reason arrived completely hollow, so we scooped cheese off a slice of pizza and shoved it inside the empty fried sticks. That was dinner.

But seriously– a donut? Get it together, kid.