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When She Says It It Sounds So Rational

“Let’s focus more on what makes sense for you, in your life, right now, and less on what makes sense for Kim Kardashian. In fact, as a broader goal, maybe we don’t make the Kardashians a factor in any decisions, big or small, ever.”

— Therapist, after I explained the reason for my current “Should I be freezing my eggs?!” anxiety-spiral.


Sassy Pedicurist: Freeze the Eggs? Not a gift.


Discussing my upcoming 33rd birthday…

Sassy: “You buy yourself something nice?”
Me: “I was thinking I’d freeze my eggs.”
Sassy: (head in hands)
Me: “I take it you don’t approve?”
Sassy: “A new dress is gift. Nice dinner. Long massage. Date with good man. Freeze the eggs? Not a gift.”
Me: “I think it is. It’s a smart, proactive, responsible decision that will relieve some anxiety.”
Sassy (pointing to adjacent customers): “Now you make EVERYONE in here sad.”