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Emails From My Brothers, #11: Nine Millimeters, Maybe.

(Part of the Emails From My Brothers series)

Jeremy wrote us this email in 2013, while living at home with my parents. My mother said something in a social setting that made Jeremy uncomfortable (I’m not posting what she said– not because it’s that bad, but because it involves other people and isn’t the funny part of the email anyway).

grandma1 grandma 2

Emails From My Brothers #10: Please Don’t Elaborate on Said Canoodle

The following sibling email exchange took place in 2006. Steph and I were living in an apartment together in NYC– she was in law school, I was in graduate school. Jeremy was a senior at Penn. Zack was a freshman at Wisconsin. The whole chain was started as an attempt to improve communication skills in our family. It failed.

But what did happen is that Steph contributed one solid, ridiculous email that made the rest of us genuinely laugh out loud.

To this day, it has never happened again.

I already posted that email (here), most of which she forced me to redact. So it’s not included below. The rest of the emails in the chain are, including Steph’s only other contribution (at the very end), which is much more in line with her character.

The emails themselves are not all that hilarious, but as a chain they create a pretty clear picture of the family dynamic, with some classic throw-back references.

**Note: any blurred-out content has been done so to protect the innocent– most importantly those who made the regretful decision to canoodle with Jeremy.

email 1

email 2

email 3

email_4 finalemail 5

email 6email 9email 10Email 11email 12

email 13

One Email From My Sister (in what is absolutely sure to NOT be an ongoing series)

Going through old sibling emails, I managed to find a hilarious one written by my sister in 2006. You have no idea how much of a diamond in the rough this is (unless you know Steph. Then you know). My sister has been funny only a handful of times in her life– and here is one of the funniest, captured in writing.

But when I showed Steph the email (with some great side commentary added in by yours truly), she wouldn’t let me post it. Even though almost 10 years have passed since it was written.

Below is what was left once I got rid of everything she didn’t approve of. Why even bother posting this? Because the end result just so beautifully illustrative of Steph.

steph FINAL