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Stupid Shit Zack Does

Less than two weeks ago, I received the following text from Zack:


So, being the good, caring sister that I am, I gave the appropriate dramatic, concerned response.


We then proceeded to have an in depth, highly detailed and descriptive discussion of his symptoms. Niagra Falls was used as a metaphor to describe the intensity. And, again, like a good, caring sister, I listened and offered sympathy.

Flash forward 13 days, he sent me this video of his dinner tonight:


No. I’m out.


You Can Learn a Very Good Lesson From My Family

This morning, as I was running at 6am after having been sick all week, I started to doubt my ability to run this upcoming Philadelphia marathon. 

But then I remembered that I ran my very first marathon a few years ago with an extremely painful UTI (don’t ask. I discovered it too late. And I’d come too far). 

And my sister ran a half marathon with a bladder full of kidney stones. 

And my brother ran a half marathon with two extremely chafed, stinging, bleeding nippples. 

And we ALL finished our races. And made pretty good time! Which just goes to show. 

My family is disgusting. 

We really should take better care of ourselves. 

Jesus Christ.