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Teacher Appreciation Week

Now that we’ve confirmed that Chipotle is ACTUALLY tainted with E Coli from feces, the free burrito offering to teachers during Teacher Appreciation Week makes complete sense.

“Thanks, teachers! Here’s a free hot steaming pile of shit– in a wrap! You deserve it!”


(I’ll still eat mine)


You’re Welcome 

A graduating 5th grader, who I taught in Kindergarten, 1st, and 3rd grades, stopped by my classroom, said hello to me, reached into a giant bag of thank you cards and fished around until he finally found the one he came to deliver. 

And then he promptly handed it to my classroom paraprofessional (who did not even notice him because she was, as usual, deeply entrenched in her erotica novel.)

Because the card was for her. Not for me. 

The kid made that very clear when he looked at me, looked at her, looked back at me and said “This is for Miss Mary.”

Then he left without saying goodbye.